Luna Mandala





Luna Mandala is an ongoing  journey, a communion and

collaboration with nature,

a celebration and an honouring, of life's natural rhythms and cycles


At each full moon I create a nature mandala from flowers, seeds and plants collected from in or around my garden. Centred in gratitude I am guided by intuition in both the gathering and laying out of the mandala, it is an active meditation, a monthly ritual, an honouring of life's energies and a blessing for our Mother Earth.


Lunar rhythms affect us all,

each stage of the moons passage brings special energies,

opportunities and awareness.

Living in harmony with lunar cycles increases health, happiness, our connection with nature and the growth of our inner knowings.


Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning 'sacred circle', and can be found as an art form within all cultures, from ancient times down to the present day. Found throughout nature the 'sacred circle' surrounds us in most aspects of our lives,

from the great planets on their orbital cycles through the heavens,

the cycles of the seasons, the growth rings of a tree,

right down to the cells and atoms in our bodies.

Mandalas have been used for prayer, focus and meditation,

for healing, wholeness and balance since ancient times,

they speak to us on a very deep core level, of unity and the interconnectedness of all things.



“from the earth for the earth"


                                                                                                                      Amber Woodhouse